Next // Village of the Damned (1960)


When the inhabitants of the peaceful English village of Midwich suddenly fall into a trance-like sleep, the women of child-bearing age wake up to discover they are pregnant. The resulting offspring, six girls and six boys, are all born with striking blonde hair and prove to be highly intelligent. But when they begin to display telepathic powers, Professor Gordon Zellaby (George Sanders) suspects that their intentions are malevolent, and sets out to discover their true nature…

Wolf Rilla // UK 1960 // 12 // 77mins

“Compelling, creepy and often unbearably tense… this British near-classic is a sci-fi treat.”
Radio Times

“One of those little science fiction movies that, once seen, is never forgotten.”

“The atmosphere and pace are superbly handled, and the performances of the sinister, inhumanly intelligent ‘children’ never falter.”
Time Out

“Chilling performances and a restrained, eerie atmosphere make this British horror both an unnerving parable of its era and a timeless classic.”
Rotten Tomatoes

Where: The Castle Cinema, First Floor, 64-66 Brooksby’s Walk, E9 6DA
When: TBC