Rollerball - original movie poster by Max OginniOriginal poster design // Max Oginni
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In the aftermath of the Corporate Wars, a world without nation states means conflict becomes a thing of the past – and it’s left to the ultraviolent sport of Rollerball to quench society’s bloodlust and keep people passive. Star player Jonathan E. (James Caan) has the corporate sponsors worried though. No player can be bigger than the game. Pushed to take early retirement, he has two choices: concede to the Corporation, or fight for personal freedom on the Rollerball track…

Norman Jewison, US 1975, 129mins, certificate 15

“The combination of Roman Empire-styled decadence and violence mixed with a vision of a bizarre, loveless corporate future is evocative and unsettling”

“Norman Jewison’s sensational futuristic drama about a world of Corporate States stars James Caan in an excellent performance as a famed athlete who fights for his identity and free will”

“In 1975, Rollerball was science fiction. Today, it’s barely fiction”
-Flick Filosopher

Where: The Duke of Wellington, 119 Balls Pond Road, Dalston, N1 4BL
When: Thursday 17th July 2014, 7pm (doors) 8pm (film starts)
Tickets: £5 door, £4 advance via The Space Merchants
Event page: Join us on Facebook


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