Contagion +TALK: The Calculus of Contagion

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When Beth Emhoff (Gwyneth Paltrow) returns to Minnesota from a business trip to Hong Kong, she attributes the malaise she feels to jet lag. Two days later though, she’s dead. While doctors are initially at a loss to explain what killed her, it soon becomes clear that this is the beginning of a lethal global pandemic. As officials try desperately to contain the virus, panic and paranoia quickly spread among the world population…

Steven Soderbergh, US 2011, 12, 106mins

“A pretty spot-on blow-by-blow of what it would be like if a real viral epidemic were to break out”

“Adopting a clean, chronological and punchy approach, Soderbergh holds a steady eye on panic and chaos. It’s a disaster movie with a brain and conscience”
Time Out

“It will have you twitching at every cough you hear for days afterwards”
SFX Magazine

“A starkly effective ensemble drama which could well do for the sniffles what Jaws did for great whites”

Contagion deserves praise for taking the scientific method seriously when so much hogwash is floated about regarding vaccines”
Roger Ebert

The film will be preceded by a talk from Dr Adam Kucharski of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who will explain the maths that help us to study and control a disease outbreak in the real world. From ebola to bird flu, knowing how a disease spreads and how it can be controlled all comes down to one number.

Where: The Victoria, 451 Queensbridge Road, E8 3AS
When: Monday 17th August 2015, talk 7:30pm | film 8pm
Tickets: £3.50 advance | £5 door
Event page: Join us on Facebook