Upstream Colour

Upstream ColourOriginal poster design // Belinda Leung
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“Baffling, intoxicating, elegant, Shane Carruth’s long-overdue follow-up to Primer is among the year’s best”
Little White Lies

“The most visually imaginative American film since David Lynch’s Eraserhead
Time Out

“A perfectly judged, strikingly beautiful film, but also a lunatic enterprise which invites – even welcomes – befuddlement as much as wonder. A true original”
-Kim Newman, Empire

“My immediate desire when it ended was to stay in my seat and watch it all the way through again”
Daily Telegraph

Shane Carruth, US 2013, 96mins

Where: Sydenham Film Club, Golden Lion Pub, 116 Sydenham Road, SE26 5JX
When: Thursday 29th January 2015, 7:30pm
Tickets: £4.50 advance, £5 door, FREE to Sydenham Film Club members
Event page: Join us on Facebook

From writer/director Shane Carruth (Primer) comes this modern-day fable exploring the connection between nature and the human psyche, drawing on American philosopher Henry David Thoreau’s book ‘Walden: Or, Life in the Woods’.

A man and woman are strangely drawn together having unwittingly ingested a mind-altering drug. Dreams and reality become blurred as they try to piece together the fragments of their broken lives.



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