The Mad Max Trilogy

Mad Max by Becca Turner
Original poster design // Becca Turner
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 Mad Max

George Miller, Australia 1979, 18, 93mins

In a not-too-distant dystopian future, when man’s most precious resource – oil – has been depleted and the world plunged into war, famine and financial chaos, the last vestiges of the law in Australia attempt to restrain a vicious biker gang. Max (Mel Gibson), an officer with the Main Force Patrol, launches a personal vendetta against the gang when his wife (Joanne Samuel) and son are hunted down and murdered, leaving him with nothing but the instincts for survival and retribution...

“The most impressive feature film debut by any Australian director is also one of the best action-exploitation films ever committed to celluloid”
Urban Cinefile

Where: The Victoria, 451 Queensbridge Road, E8 3AS
When: Tuesday 21st April 2015, doors 7pm | film 8pm
Tickets: FREE
Event page: Join us on Facebook

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

George Miller, Australia 1981, 18, 96mins

After avenging the death of his wife and young son at the hands of a vicious gang leader, Max (Mel Gibson) drives the post-apocalyptic highways of the Australian outback, fending off attacks from nomadic tribes that prey on outsiders. Falling into an encampment led by the relatively peaceful Pappagallo (Mike Preston), Max at first schemes to steal their oil, but soon becomes the group’s reluctant defender against the hulking Humungus (Kjell Nilsson) and his ruthless marauders…

“For pure rhythm and visual panache, Miller has few real competitors; the climactic chase, with its deft variation of tempo and point of view, is a minor masterpiece.”
Chicago Reader

Where: The Duke of Wellington, 119 Balls Pond Road, N1 4BL
When: Tuesday 28th April 2015, doors 7pm | film 8pm
Tickets: FREE
Event page: Join us on Facebook

Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome

George Miller & George Ogilvie, Australia 1985, 15, 107mins

Fifteen years after defeating Humungus, Max (Mel Gibson) drifts into Bartertown, a seedy community ruled by Aunty Entity (Tina Turner). There he becomes a gladiator and gets dumped in the desert where he is rescued by a band of feral orphans who are convinced that Max is their savior. When several of them go off into the desert, he reluctantly follows them back to Bartertown for a final showdown with Aunty Entity and her goons…

“An astonishing display of virtuoso cinema that is destined to take its place among the most vivid and freshly imagined fist-to-groin contests in the medium’s history.”

Where: The Alibi, 91 Kingsland High Street, E8 2PB
When: Monday 4th May 2015, doors 7pm | film 8pm
Tickets: FREE
Event page: Join us on Facebook


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