DOUBLE BILL: The Amazing Colossal Man & The Incredible Shrinking Man

The Amazing Colossal Man & The Incredible Shrinking Man by Oscar Cainer

Bert I. Gordon, US 1957, 80mins, certificate PG

During the test of a new plutonium bomb, a plane crashes in the test area. Fearing that someone may still be alive, Colonel Glen Manning (Glenn Langan) runs to the plane, but before he gets to the pilot the bomb explodes and burns him over 90% of his body. He is brought to the base hospital, but is not expected to survive the night. The next morning, not only is Manning still alive, but the burned tissue is completely healed. When his fiancé Carol Forrest (Cathy Downs) arrives to visit she finds out that Manning and the physicians working on him have mysteriously relocated. Carol soon finds out where they are keeping Glen and is horrified to find out that the radiation has affected his cells and caused him to grow uncontrollably. The doctors search to find a cure, but before they can administer it to him, he goes mad, escapes and begins terrorizing Las Vegas…

“King Kong for the atomic age”
-Time Out

Jack Arnold, US 1957, 81mins, certificate PG

Philosophical 1950s science fiction, written by ground-breaking novelist Richard Matheson (I Am Legend), and based on his own book. Scott Carey (Grant Williams) is enjoying a boating trip when his yacht passes through a mysterious cloud of radioactive mist. Returning home, Scott is shocked to discover that he is slowly shrinking. Before long, ordinary household objects become tools in his battle for survival against previously harmless pests like spiders, and even his pet cat. Trapped in the basement of his house, Scott gradually prepares himself to face infinity as he shrinks into a sub-atomic world, and out of existence…

“Sparse direction allows the tension to build naturally so that the terror and poignancy of the story work their way into the audience’s brain without being forced. A total classic”

Where: inHOUSE Film Festival, Catwalk Place, Overbury Road, N15 6RH
When: 8:00pm, Saturday 12th April 2014
Tickets: £3 (day ticket) via

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